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Reign of Christ – Present or Future?

Lessons From The Psalms on the Reign of Christ

Reign of Christ – Present or Future? – A carefully analyzed study of the Reign of Christ as to its beginning, the sequence of the final fall of Babylon, the demise of the true church, the future time of trouble beginning with Armageddon and anarchy world-wide and finally ending with Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7; Zechariah 14:1-7;) and the deliverance by Jehovah God of His people Israel – the Holy Remnant. (Daniel 12:1) (see also the study, Gods Chosen People and the Divine Purpose.

Then will begin the establishment of the Kingdom, the restoring of the faithful Ancients selected from the Past. (Isaiah 1:24-26) and the true beginning of the NEW Covenant with Israel restored. Jeremiah 31:31. Here are some of Some topics: 1914, Presence 1874, 1,000 years explained, Restitution, Smiting Image, Time of Trouble, Armageddon, Laying hold of and Binding of Satan, Psalms 2, 45, 46, 97, and 149. Little Season and what it will mean for those who pass the test – men and angels, the beginning of the 8th Day a the exact end of the 1,000 years – 7,000 years exactly from the time of the entrance of sin and death to deliverane through Jesus Christ - Romans 5:12-19.

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