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A Day Not Approved And Soon Removed. A Druid Pagan Day Of Evil Spirits. Devoted to Celtic Pagan Goddess Pomona. Halloween Created By The Catholic Church. Encyclopedia Confirms Reason. Practice Continues. All Saints Day And Idolatry. Compromise. Luther Believed True Saints Yet in Tomb. Parochial Schools Used For Catholic Indoctrination And Conversion. Worship And Glorification of Satan. Halloween As Evil Day. Should Our Children or Adults Participate In Halloween? Halloween Will Not Be In God’s Kingdom. Turn Around And Change For God’s Kingdom To Come!

Pope Gregory the Great

Halloween is neither a Christian holiday nor a day of Jewish celebra­tion. It is not a day to be observed and is therefore soon to be removed from our calendar. It shall be removed along with other holidays that have been cre­ated and compromised by the Catholic Church. The days of our week and the names of most months of the Calendar of Pope Gregory were devoted to the Pagan Gods to whom homage was paid in the past and shall likewise be re­moved. You see, they still had their ancient Gods and Christianity too. Hal­loween, without question, is of Pagan or heathen origin and which day, by compromising truth, was adopted as a Catholic holiday both for the evening of October 31st and that of November 1st. In evidence of this we quote from Microsoft’s En­carta Enclylopedia ’98

The Druids Worshipping

     Halloween — name applied to the evening of Druids, preceding the Christian feast of Hallowmas [Catholic Mass on behalf of canonized Saints, Ed.], Allhallows, or All Saints’ Day. The observances connected with Hal­loween are thought to have originated among the ancient Druids, who be­lieved that on that evening, Saman [Prob. Satan Ed. view], the lord of the dead, called forth hosts of evil spirits. The Druids customarily lit great fires on Halloween, apparently for the pur­pose of warding off all these spirits. Among the ancient Celts, Halloween was the last evening of the year and was regarded as a propitious time for examining the portents of the future. The Celts also believed that the spirits of the dead revisited their earthly homes on that evening. After the Romans conquered Britain, they added to Halloween features of the Roman har­vest festival held on November 1 in honor of Pomona, goddess of the fruits of trees.

Bobbing for Apples

The Celtic tradition of lighting fires on Halloween survived until mod­ern times in Scotland and Wales, and the concept of ghosts and witches is still common to all Halloween obser­vances. Traces of the Roman harvest festival (to the GODdess Ed.) survive in the custom, prevalent in both the United States and Great Britain, of playing games involving fruit. such as ducking for apples in a tub of water. Of similar origin is the use of hollowed-out pumpkins carved to resemble grotesque faces and lit by candles placed inside.

     “Halloween,” Encarta 98 Encylope­dia

The origin of this Pagan Holiday as mentioned had its roots with the Druids of ancient England and with the Celts in their Pagan worship in about the fifth or sixth century A.D. or earlier. At about this time, the Pagan holiday was introduced to Christianity through the Roman Catholic Church who made October 31st a Christian holiday called it “All Hallows Eve.” They named the following day, November 1st, “All Saints’ Day.” In the year 539 A.D. Papacy was set up in power backed by the military might of Emperor Justinian. The abomination of the Mass was established. Daniel 8. This became the marriage of church and state in its full­est sense — to “the kings of the earth.” Revelation 17, 18 The Pa Pa, Pope or “Fa­ther of Fathers” was there established as supreme head of all the Catholic churches — contrary to the command of Jesus, “Call no man Father.” Matthew 23:9 Today he is called “Our Father” implying “in Heaven.” Matthew 6:9; II Thessalonians 2:4 They started the worship of idols, “idolatry” in the worship of the “canonized” saints and the “virgin” Mary — “Mariolatry.” Exodus 20:4,5.

      Compromise. But, for our lesson, the important • part is compromise., The Catholic church which had to do with the bringing in of large number of Pa­gans, adopted many of their holidays and turned them into Christian holidays along with the practices of the past. Thus, they could not wait for God’s true kingdom and have established what is now called “Christendom” or “Christ’s Kingdom.” The clear teaching by Papacy, both then and now, is that “salvation comes only through the Holy Catholic church.” The Papal Teaching was that the resurrection had already taken place (Contrary to St Paul’s teaching 1Corinthians 15:52, etc.), and that you could both wor­ship and pray for those whom the Pope had canonized — such as the dead Jewess of the Holocaust. For this reason they set aside Halloween as a day to remember and worship them.

The Protestant Reformer and for­mer monk and Catholic Priest, Martin Luther, came under this great decep­tion. A good Catholic, at the time, he was almost struck by lightning and prayed to Catholic Patron “Saint” Anne for deliverance vowing to devote his life to monastic living in gratitude. He began a study of God’s Word and found out that the dead are, dead and not more alive than ever and that the resurrection was to take place when Christ would return at his second advent. He preached “soul sleep” — that mankind awaited the awakening from the sleep of death at the Second Advent. He rebelled against Tetzel of Germany who was selling for money indulgences authorized by the Pope to build the modern day St Peters Church in Rome. Tetzel taught that as soon as the money chinked at the bottom of the collection box, the soul of the departed would fly to heaven.

On the contrary, Luther believed that there were no created saints to pray to and that this was a false teach­ing unsupported in God’s word. That day was to make converts and to create demigods in the form of “saints” to worship in idols specifically forbidden in the law of God and a clear violation of the 10 commandments. Exodus 20:4,5. He made a public declaration of the fact of soul sleep, in the original “95 Theses nailed on the Catholic Church doors at Wittenberg, Germany on this very day, October 31, 1517, very likely because of his view regarding dead souls mentioned above. A record of this act may be found in Revelation 9:15 which even defines the hour. (For further information on this and regard­ing Papal rule, see the 735 page verse by verse book: The Keys of Revelation by Frank Shallieu. It can be obtained from us at cost. $28.) Modern day Lu­therans have denied soul sleep and have on their own removed and replaced it from the original thesis. Only the” truth shall make you free.”

This teaching of Satan’s original lie (Genesis 3:4) that the dead are not really dead but more alive than ever found sympathy with the pagan Druids of England who believed that the spirits of the dead were alive on Halloween. They con­sorted with witches and the evil spirits. Again, God, whose Law it was, con­demned witchcraft. Deuteronomy 18:10-12 The fires the Druids lit were to chase away those evil spirits which were there on that night according to their pagan wor­ship. Satan and the fallen angels or demons have taken great advantage of mankind causing them to worship him, ‘the Lord of the dead,” and honor him on Halloween, October 31st. “God is not a God of the dead, but of the liv­ing.” Matthew 12:32. We do no respect to God in promoting or supporting this day. We would thereby honor Satan, “the Wicked One.” He continues to deceive mankind with false religion, practices, ceremonies not only in Christianity but also in heathen worship such as Islam, Buddha, etc.

      As a result of this practice of Hal­loween by the Catholic church so early in its history, we still celebrate this holiday today — not noted for “All Hal­lows (“Saints” ) Eve or for “All Saints Day” of their teaching. This type of compro­mise was successfully used in this and in other ways to assimilate pagan con­verts into Catholic Christianity, thus causing greater corruption.  After all, they had the power and backing of Emperors, Kings and their Armies – God’s supposed kingdom on earth. God has never approved of this practice of com­promise; but condemns it as shown in the lessons of Israel in their rebellion from the ways of God. They use a similar method for converts which was practiced most successfully by the Jesuits in 1534. It is the method of converting people of other religions by condemn­ing the utility of the public schools and using tax funds from the state and federal governments to fund their Paro­chial Schools and colleges so that they can indoctrinate new and young minds in the false doctrines of Catholicism.

      This, according to Will Durant in his Story of Civilization, under Jesuits, was the single-most successful venture of Papacy and soon turned around the Reformation successes. Luther, in pointing out errors of that system and the indulgences of Tetzel in claims that the dead souls would fly out of purgatory simply by a gift of money, showed that this was not the true teaching of the Bible and rather that the dead awaited the return of Christ at his second Advent. By channeling “Youth” back into the “Mother Church,” Papacy was so successful that within almost 40 years that it cut almost all of its losses. This change back to Catholicism has continued in Germany and in England, where once Henry VIII cast out all Monasteries because of their Homosexual practices. (H. G. Wells, Crux Ansatis)  More recently as of a February 19, 2007 article in The London Times, there was a proposal on the part of the Anglican Church of England to Unite with Papacy recognizing the Pope as its head. The voucher system or any other method of draining federal, local or state government funds is illegal under the Constitution of the Unites States which declares separation of church and state because this country had feared domination from Rome. Catholicism is becoming very successful by the meth­ods it uses both here and in Europe as before mentioned and the coffers of the Vatican in Rome are overflow­ing.

       For these reasons, we do not recog­nize this day, Halloween, and will be most thankful when defacto glorification of Ghosts (of the undead), mon­sters, ghouls, demons, witches, Satan and the demeaning of God’s animal feline and harvest creation. These are all things of darkness (at night) and evil. They are of the Devil and pro­moted by his servants. Witches and mediums were used by Satan to pro­mote his evil teachings that THE DEAD can speak and act and that one can communicate with a modern day “Channelers.” This supports the false teaching that the dead are not dead and can be worshipped as  dead canonized Saints created by authority of mortal man as practiced by the Roman Church, but they are more alive in various forms and therefore there is no need of a future “general resurrection” at the return of Jesus Christ and the true establishment of his Kingdom on Earth. This is not God’s Kingdom for if it were, He would be in FULL control and you would not see wickedness abounding in the earth – Isaiah 9:7 because His Government will be one of Peace and Truth. This idea of Halloween is further supported by the false teaching of the immortality of the soul. Thus does the Catholic Church follow suit in commemorating this evil day of the dead by the celebration of  Halloween – All Hallows Eve.

Halloween is still a holi-day on our calendar and will be in the future years. Some who are alert and concerned in the public schools have recognized that there is much evil at this time in the year and have risen up calling for discon­tinuance of its observance. They recog­nize that “devil’s night,” October 30th is evil, and the tricks “of evil” on Oc­tober 31st “night” by some little cos­tumed child who may appear as the more glorified form of Satan himself, the “Devil” (I am sure he is pleased to see this), ghost, ghoul, skeleton, mon­ster or other evil form by begging for appeasement are — in reality not teaching children good — but that evil or evil threats pay. Those who recognize the evil in Halloween are astute people aware of their surroundings.

Thank God that the time is near when His prayed for Kingdom shall soon come and his righteous will shall be done in all the earth. We know that this will be after ‘the great time of trouble and “Armageddon” near at hand which will put an end to this dark night of evil and those Catholic and Protes­tant systems (“Beast and the False Prophet” / “Image of the Beast”) which corrupt humanity. Revelation 16:13-16; Matthew 24:20-22; Revelation 13:14-18.

There will no more be a day called Halloween. We do not need it now, nor will we ever need it in that day! – not for souls, not for Saints or anything of that nature. Nei­ther mankind nor their children will take the time to observe that day. It is an “abomination” before God which is excused away as a time for the little one to dress up in costume and to have fun and be rewarded. There are other ways of rewarding — even the poor. This is a deception to perpetuate this day. Our God will never approve evil or evil acts or the worship of the dead al of which are all subject to judgment in “the day of judgment” in the Kingdom age soon to come within this new millennium into which we have entered. God will judge the world in righteousness by His SON. Acts 17:31

This season of the Harvest time is properly observed in this country as “Thanksgiving Day.” We are grateful for the rich abundance of food that God has provided for our sustenance. The Jewish Thanksgiving was at Harvest time in the month of Tishri and was called the “Feast of Tabernacles” (Leviticus 23:34) with the branches and their fruits. It represents the resurrection, restoration and final deliverance of mankind who are called the “after fruits” of latter harvest. 1Corinthians 15:23. At that time, they will be under God’s New (Right­eous Law Standards) Covenant and will abide in His dwelling and He will dwell with them. He will truly be their God and they will truly be His People. Psalm 24; Revelation 21:3,4; Jeremiah 31:31. It is for this reason that the great Apostle Paul said on Mars Hill in ancient Greece: “Now, God commands all men everywhere to repent, because He has appointed a day in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom He hath ordained.” Acts 17:30,31 Hate evil. Learn to do good! 1Peter 3:10. You can make what­ever corrections of your life that are necessary now which will make you either prepared for the “Kingdom of Heaven” or for the “Highway of Holiness” for mankind in the Kingdom age on earth. Isaiah 35. ■  ztm 10/2007



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